All you get with GoalEnvision

GoalEnvision helps you in the management set goals and create a complete target image that the entire business can collaborate to achieve. You can get help directly on the screen, but you can also get help from us and our experts.

We guide you through a proven method where you set goals for sales and marketing. You continue to aim for your offer to customers, delivery of the offer and employee goals. Everything is linked to the economic goals.

The strength of a common goal image

One common problem is that not everyone in the organization knows the business plan. With GoalEnvision you create consensus on what goals are to be achieved and why they should be achieved. An organization that has consensus will progress to the goals.

Set smart goals

A smart goal means that it is specifically formulated so that everyone understands it measurably so that everyone knows when it is met, accepted by the person responsible for achieving other goals and timings when it is ready. Smart goals prove superior when it comes to getting the right things to happen.

Everyone has their own page

Overview is good, but you also need to know exactly what matters most to you and right now. On your side, decisions and tasks are gathered that you can comment on and follow up. You will see your most important graphs and decisions taken at the last meeting.

Prepared meetings are more effective

With GoalEnvision you will be prepared for the meeting and can make quality decisions faster. Discussions for the decisions can be made between meetings at GoalEnvision so you do not have to spend precious meeting time knowing who should have done what.

Focus on the important

GoalEnvision provides a method for clarifying what goals or tasks are most important right now. With a common goal image, it becomes clear what is important in every moment.

Forecast and outcome show how it goes

It's important to know what the story looked like in the future, right? You want clear graphs that pedagogically show how you achieved what you are today. And you want the forecast for the future to be as clear. GoalEnvision is clear and educational.

Click for decision

When everyone is prepared for the meeting, there is the basis for each decision in GoalEnvision. Documents and presentations are attached. Many decisions can therefore be confirmed with a simple push of a button.

Assign tasks directly in the meeting

Clarity at every stage of your business development. Immediately when you have decided who will do what, then assign tasks to the person in charge. The person in charge receives the reminder and everyone can follow what's happening.

Find easy in previous protocols

When did you decide what? It's easy to search and easy to find! The history of what you did together shows how the decisions emerged. There is a lot going on in a business and then it's time to see how you decided before.