1. General

These general terms and conditions apply between GoalEnvision Strategy Solution AB (hereinafter "the Supplier ") and the Party (hereinafter "the Customer ") who has ordered one or more of the Supplier's services as set out below. The Supplier and the Customer are hereinafter referred to as "Part " and jointly " Parties ". 

These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all of the Supplier's deliveries of services to the Customer, regardless of whether they relate to the provision of digital system support or consulting services.

When visiting the website, the customer can register an account to use the Supplier's digital tools. This requires the Customer to provide an e-mail address and a password. When registering their account, the Customer approves the Supplier's processing of the personal data which the Customer states at the time of registration, that the data entered by the Customer is stored and these general terms and conditions.

2. Scope and implementation of the service

GoalEnvison is system support for goal management and strategy. The purpose of the service is to assist the Customer in formulating, communicating and implementing business strategies.

The supplier guides the Customer through every step of creating a strategic plan. The customer gets help with setting relevant smart goals and understanding how these goals create a common goal image that unites the business.

The customer also gets help in formulating a powerful vision and a concrete business idea.

3. Handling of personal data

When registering their account, the customer is asked to enter information that can be personal information. If personal data is processed within the framework of the Services, the Customer is responsible for personal data and the Supplier personal data assistant. As a personal data controller, the customer is responsible for the processing of personal data in accordance with current legislation. The supplier undertakes to process personal data in accordance with the customer's written instructions and applicable legislation.

In the event that the Supplier carries out the processing of personal data on the Supplier's equipment, the Supplier shall take the technical and organizational measures agreed upon to protect the personal data.

The personal information collected about the Customer is processed by the Supplier and other companies with which the Supplier cooperates, both within and outside the EU and EEA area, with a view to preparing and fulfilling the service, requested measures or any obligations that may result from law or regulation. In terms of evidence, Customer data and logging is stored up to 12 months after the last activity.

Customers also agree that the information provided may be used for market research and marketing purposes.

A private person who is a Customer has the right to receive information about the personal data about the Customer that is processed by the Supplier, and, if necessary, request correction of information. Such request is made in writing to GoalEnvision Strategy Solution AB, info@goalenvision.com 

4. Cookies

On the website goalenvision.com we use so-called cookies, a small text file that is saved in your computer when you visit the website. This is done to identify browsers as unique users, and to increase user friendliness on the page. Cookies also allow our system to "remember" your choices at every step.

Through cookies we can also see how many people visit the site and keep statistics on this. The cookies are small and saved on the hard disk of your computer. If you want, you can choose to turn off the option of cookies in your browser. This is done via the security settings of the browser you have selected. However, if you choose to disable cookies, the functionality of the applications on the site may work poorly. You can also delete saved cookies on your computer. See the help pages in your particular browser to see how this is done.

5. Delivery

The supplier shall provide the Services from the agreed start date, which for digital system support is the same day as the Customer registers as a user. If delivery occurs after the agreed delivery date due to circumstances attributable to the Supplier, the Supplier shall be deemed to be delayed. In such a delay, the Supplier and the Customer shall jointly allocate extra resources to limit and minimize the Customer's inconvenience of the delay. If delays for which the Supplier is responsible for being in existence for more than six weeks from the Customer's written notice to the Supplier of the delay, the Customer shall have the right, as an exclusive sanction, to withdraw from the Agreement on the Supplier within 14 days of the Supplier receiving written notice from the Customer where he invokes his rights under this provision, has remedied the delay.

The supplier is not liable for any delay due to the Customer, a circumstance attributable to the Customer or if the delay is due to a circumstance attributable to any subcontractor. If delay is caused by such a circumstance, the Supplier shall have the right to a reasonable advance on the agreed delivery date and compensation for additional costs of damage (directly as well as indirectly) and costs incurred by the Supplier due to the delay.

6. Price and payment

The applicable fees for the system support are SEK 299 per month for full access per user in the management group or SEK 29 per month for reading rights for other employees. All amounts are stated in SEK excluding VAT. Unless otherwise agreed, the Customer shall pay for the service through card payment.

Card payment is made through Recurly, a company that handles online credit card verification in a secure, fast and easy way. When the Customer has completed their card details, the credit card number is encrypted directly. Communication to the Recurly server is via an encrypted direct connection. When the Customer's information is then sent to the bank, the bank's security system is used. If the Customer chooses to pay for his purchase via his Internet bank, the Customer's data is protected by the bank's security system, regardless of whether the Customer deals with his / her certificate / PIN code, his dib pass with his security box or his Smart card / one-time code. For more information on card payment, please refer to Recurly , www.recurly.com . 

In the event that work is to be carried out at the Customer or otherwise at a location other than the Supplier's office, the Supplier has the right to charge the Customer for all costs related to travel and diet.

Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the applicable prices and fees are fixed during the term of the agreement specified in the Agreement. However, the supplier has the right to adjust agreed prices for the Services in connection with each year-end.

7. Liability for errors

The supplier is responsible, with the following restrictions, for damage that occurs due to errors in the software / system support.

If the Supplier has been negligent in the performance of the Service and the Service has therefore not complied with the agreed service description (hereinafter referred to as error), the Supplier shall, without unreasonable delay, where possible, rectify the error. However, the Supplier's responsibility for correcting errors does not apply if (i) the remedy would cause inconvenience or costs for the Supplier which is unreasonably large in relation to the significance of the error to the Customer; (ii) the error is negligible; or (iii) the Customer has not complained of the error within 30 days of the delivery of the Service which was defective. The Supplier's liability for errors in the Services is limited to what is stated above in this paragraph 5.

8. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, patents, images, video films, design and design rights, corporate rights, database rights and know-how (i) provided or otherwise made available to the Customer by the Supplier or others in the context of The Services or (ii) otherwise arises within the scope of the Services (" IPR "), including, but not limited to, software, source code, documents, texts, images, layouts, designs, programs, data, information, reports, arrays, definitions regarding audiences and other information on and relating to advertising accounts and other material and knowledge is and remains the Supplier's exclusive property.

The Supplier grants the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable limited right to use IPR solely within the Customer's own operations and solely for the purpose for which the IPR was made available to the Customer in accordance with the Agreement. The Customer does not have the right to wholly or partially (i) modify or reproduce IPR , (ii) translate, decompile , disassemble or create derivative works based on IPR or (iii) assign, rent, lend or otherwise redistribute IPR .

For any third party products and open source software included in the Services, instead of what is stated above, what is stated regarding use in the license terms for such third party product and open source software, respectively, applies . The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the said license terms are complied with by the Customer.

9. Privacy

Party undertakes without limitation in time during the term of the agreement and thereafter not to disclose to third parties Confidential Information which Party receives from the other Party and to only use such Confidential Information for the execution of this Agreement.

" Confidential Information " means all information provided by a Party or relating to this Agreement or its contents, whether and how information is documented or not, with the exception of (i) information, which is generally known or comes to the public knowledge of otherwise than by breach by the Parties of the contents of this Agreement; (ii) information which the Party may show that he already knew before receiving it from the other Party; (iii) information that the Party has received or will receive from third parties without being bound by a duty of confidentiality in relation to it; and (iv) information developed by the Party independently and without the use of the other Party's Confidential Information.

10. Limitation of Liability

The Supplier is liable with the following limitations for damage which the Supplier caused the Customer through neglect, regardless of the legal basis for the Customer's requirements.

The Supplier is not responsible for any damage caused by (i) any third party product or (ii) modifications or changes to the Services made by anyone other than the Supplier.

The Supplier is not responsible under any circumstances for the Customer's lost profit, income, savings or goodwill, loss due to outages, loss of data, the Customer's possible liability to third parties or indirect damage or consequential damage of whatever kind.

The Supplier's total and total liability under the Agreement concerning one or more events (whether related to each other or not) shall in no case exceed an amount equal to 15 percent of the amount paid by the Customer to the Supplier during the damage for the previous twelve month period. Services.

The Supplier shall not be liable for any damage unless the Customer has made a written complaint to the Supplier within 30 days of the Customer discovering, or having discovered, the actual damage or loss.

11. Staff

The Customer undertakes that during the period for the performance of the Services and for a period of twelve months thereafter not to employ or seek to employ any of the persons of the Supplier who perform (t) the Services. Should the Customer employ or otherwise engage any of these persons on behalf of the Customer, directly or indirectly, the Customer shall compensate the Supplier with an amount corresponding to twelve times the monthly salary received from the Supplier.

12. Force Majeure

The Party is exempt from liability for failure to fulfill its contractual obligations if the fulfillment of the obligations is prevented or significantly hampered by a circumstance which the Party could not reasonably foresee or control. As a liberating circumstance, a. referred to the lack or failure of electricity or telecommunications, computer viruses, data loss, strike, lock- out or other industrial action, regardless of the conflict reason, natural disaster, lightning, fire, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, government action, new or amended legislation or government regulation or other similar circumstance.

13. Termination

Unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement, the Agreement is valid until further notice with a notice period of 1 month for each Party.

Either Party shall have the right to terminate the Agreement upon immediate termination in the event that the other Party (i) commits a material breach of contract and does not make any correction within 30 days of written notice; or (ii) go bankrupt, enter into a bargain, enter into liquidation or go bankrupt.

14. Other

The Supplier has (notwithstanding anything set out in paragraph 7) the right to state the Customer as one of its customers in its marketing and also has the right to refer to the scope and content of the Services and to use the Customer's company and brand.

In addition, neither Party is entitled to use the other Party's name or trademarks / logos for marketing products and services.

15. Termination

Termination or other communications shall be made by courier, registered letter or e-mail to the address of the other Party in the Service Agreement. The message shall be deemed to have been delivered to the recipient: (i) if delivered by courier: at the time of delivery; (ii) if sent by registered letter: two days after delivery for mail delivery; or (iii) if sent by email: upon receipt of confirmation that an email has been received.

16. Transfer and changes / additions

Neither Party is entitled to assign all or part of its rights and / or obligations under the Agreement without the other Party's prior written consent. However, the Supplier has the right to freely assign the right under the Agreement to receive payments from the Customer without the Customer's consent.

To be binding, amendments to and amendments to the Agreement shall be made in writing and signed by both Parties.

The Agreement constitutes the Parties' complete settlement of all matters to which the Agreement relates. All written and oral commitments and commitments that have preceded the Agreement are replaced by the content of the Agreement.

17. Law selection and dispute resolution

Swedish law shall apply to the Agreement. Disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be settled in the General Court.

18. Other

The site is provided by Vision Goal Strategy Solution AB, reg no 559078-0697 , and personal data representative is President Charlotte Erika Sehlse .