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Strategy success: More time for leaders to focus on what's important

GoalEnvision is a cutting-edge strategy tool for achieving your company's growth goals.


Achieve goals faster:

✔ Build strong teams around goals

✔ Make data-driven decisions

✔ Automate and delegate tasks

✔ Integrate with existing systems

✔ Enable AI assist when needed


GoalEnvision is as easy for the beginner as it is complete for the seasoned strategist. You're up and running in minutes with guided flows to help you succeed with your strategy.

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Why you need GoalEnvision

What is a strategy tool?

A strategy tool is a tool that helps companies plan and execute their long-term goals and visions. It is a digital platform that helps organise business strategies, set goals and monitor progress. It also facilitates communication and collaboration within the team and provides insights to ensure successful growth.

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GoalEnvisions AI-assistant

GoalEnvision's AI-assistant is your companion to inspire and help you find new paths and create engaging goals and action plans.


🔸New perspectives: AI assistance gives you new ideas and different points of view for better decisions.


🔸Flexible assistance: Our AI adapts to your needs, use it for inspiration or as a complete guide.


🔸Strategic guidance: The AI assistant guides you from idea to execution, based on real data.

From Vision to Reality: Realise your business goals with GoalEnvision


GoalEnvision ensures that every team member comprehends and is aligned with the overarching strategic goals.


GoalEnvision helps filter out noise and distractions, and teams are concentrated on key objectives and priorities.

Resource Optimization

GoalEnvision aids in strategically allocating budgets, personnel, and assets, avoiding wastage and ensuring optimal utilization.

Real-time Monitoring

GoalEnvision provides real-time updates for timely adjustments and interventions, helping you address issues promptly.


GoalEnvision assigns tasks, tracks progress, and holds individuals accountable, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Long-Term Vision

GoalEnvision keeps the long-term vision in focus, preventing organizations from getting caught in short-term thinking.

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Receive personalized insights and recommendations based on your specific business needs and objectives. See the platform in action, ask questions, and get tips from our representatives. We guarantee a friendly atmosphere and productive experience.

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Stefan Söderfjäll, Author and Phil. Dr. in Psychology

Expert-led Insights

GoalEnvision collaborates with leading researchers and practitioners to provide users with thoughtful insights and best practices in strategic management. Watch an exclusive video series with Stefan Söderfjäll, Author and Phil. Dr. in Psychology, and discover how goal-setting aligns with strategic management. By combining expert advice with the GoalEnvision strategy tool and AI-driven support, our users can confidently address various obstacles and achieve sustainable growth.

In the series

  • Introduction to goals
  • What is a goal?
  • What functions do goals fulfill?
  • What happens if we don´t set goals?
  • Different types of goals
  • Measurable or not?
  • Short or long-term goals?
  • Individual or team goals?
  • Goals are supposed to be hard
  • Goal Follow-ups
  • Pitfalls in goal setting and execution

GoalEnvision unites the art of strategy execution and the science of goal management

Learn more about goal setting for leaders

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Simplifying Strategy, Amplifying Success

Strategy execution made easy

Get a quick overview of how GoalEnvision can revolutionize your strategic planning. Learn how our platform simplifies goal setting, fosters collaboration, and empowers your entire organization to achieve measurable success.

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Try GoalEnvision's digital strategy tool - simple and effective!

Are you an entrepreneur or leader with high ambitions? Do you want to unleash the full power of your organisation to exceed your business goals?

Then GoalEnvision is definitely for you! You can try the tool free of charge for 30 days. No obligation. 

Try GoalEnvision's guided flows, AI assistant and strategic help to successfully plan, execute and follow up on your strategy.