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From idea to reality. Leading digital strategy tool for BPM.

GoalEnvision makes strategic planning and follow-up simple and effective. Collaborate smart with a proven flexible growth model that works. Build community and empowered teams around your most important goals. Make better decisions based on data and insights. Switch on the AI assistant to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Automate and delegate to create ownership. All in one place, with integrations to your existing systems.

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GoalEnvisions AI-assistant

🔸Enhanced Perspective: Activate AI-assistance whenever you require an additional viewpoint based on your unique business context. It offers fresh insights and alternative approaches, enriching your decision-making process with diverse angles. 🔸Flexible Assistance: Whether you need intermittent guidance or constant support, our AI-assistant adapts to your preferences. Use it as an on-and-off feature or as a full-time aide, available around the clock to provide the assistance you need, when you need it. 🔸Comprehensive Strategic Guidance: From initial vision and mission formulation to goal setting, tactic conditions identification, and task creation, our AI-assistant is your strategic partner at every stage. It leverages past data to create actionable steps, ensuring your strategy is grounded in real-world insights and historical performance.

Why is our strategy planning and execution tool important?


GoalEnvision ensures that every team member comprehends and is aligned with the overarching strategic goals.


GoalEnvision helps filter out noise and distractions, and teams are concentrated on key objectives and priorities.

Resource Optimization

GoalEnvision aids in strategically allocating budgets, personnel, and assets, avoiding wastage and ensuring optimal utilization.

Real-time Monitoring

GoalEnvision provides real-time updates for timely adjustments and interventions, helping you address issues promptly.


GoalEnvision assigns tasks, tracks progress, and holds individuals accountable, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Long-Term Vision

GoalEnvision keeps the long-term vision in focus, preventing organizations from getting caught in short-term thinking.

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Stefan Söderfjäll, Author and Phil. Dr. in Psychology

Expert-led Insights

GoalEnvision collaborates with leading researchers and practitioners to provide users with thoughtful insights and best practices in strategic management. Watch an exclusive video series with Stefan Söderfjäll, Author and Phil. Dr. in Psychology, and discover how goal-setting aligns with strategic management. By combining expert advice with the GoalEnvision strategy tool and AI-driven support, our users can confidently address various obstacles and achieve sustainable growth.

In the series

  • Introduction to goals
  • What is a goal?
  • What functions do goals fulfill?
  • What happens if we don´t set goals?
  • Different types of goals
  • Measurable or not?
  • Short or long-term goals?
  • Individual or team goals?
  • Goals are supposed to be hard
  • Goal Follow-ups
  • Pitfalls in goal setting and execution

GoalEnvision unites the art of strategy execution, the craft of getting it done and the science of goal management

Learn more about goal setting for leaders

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In this update, we have redesigned the authorisation system. We have replaced the previous Super-Admin, Admin and User roles with more descriptive titles and clearer rules on what applies to each of these roles. Read more below. 

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The discussions surrounding the potential replacement of human jobs by artificial intelligence (AI) is at its peak right now. It´s time to shift gears and move towards a new phase of discussion. Having navigated the emotional aspects of this transition, we can now approach the topic from a rational standpoint, free from the dictates of our amygdala's fight, flight, or freeze response. Of course, it is a matter of a person’s responsible choice - whether to invite AI into our professional and personal spheres and let it become a trusted ally or to leave it as a distant concept. Here’s when our own synapses and neurotransmitters will be of good use to make an informed decision. Well, at GoalEnvision, we've made our decision and it has led us to create an incredibly useful solution for businesses.

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We help you exceed your business goals!

Are you an entrepreneur or leader with high ambitions? Do you want to unleash the full power of your organisation to exceed your business goals? Then GoalEnvision is definitely something for you! With our free demo, you get a personalised review of the platform. During 60 minutes we will guide you through our tool and give you an introduction to what GoalEnvision is - an innovative and smart way to set and reach your business goals.