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GoalEnvision is a revolutionary digital strategytool for leaders who want to improve profitability, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and overall efficiency. The platform makes it possible to manage business goals and strategy implementation in an easy, affordable and exciting way.

Stefan Söderfjäll, Author and Phil. Dr. in Psychology

What the research says about goals

Thousands of scientific studies have shown that goals formulated and followed up in the right way are an extremely effective way to promote motivation, well-being and good performance. Nevertheless, the practical work with goals in many organizations takes place in a way that is not compatible with this research, with impaired results and motivational problems as a result.

Did you know that?

  • Clear goals are better than unclear goals
  • Difficult goals are better than easier goals
  • Follow-up is just as important as clear goals
  • Engaging goals require participation
  • Sometimes, achieving goals is not the top priority
Make sure your strategy doesn't stay in your desk drawer

Engage your team

Use GoalEnvision to ensure that your strategies are no longer just paper filled with pretty words. Our online tool enables management and employees to set meaningful goals that actually happen.

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The motivational conditions

From words to actions

GoalEnvision contains a smart way to make the goals concrete by identifying which successful behaviors, processes and infrastructures are required to succeed. With the right conditions, you will achieve your goals.

Stay on top

Setting your goals

Goals without follow-up are a waste of time and resources. With GoalEnvision, the organization itself takes care of the reporting and the outcome is automatically linked to the long-term goals. Smooth!

6 steps for a focused success system in your business.

The success perspective in GoalEnvision makes working with goals efficient and inspiring. Create one goal at a time and implement them in the business without losing the common thread. Each step in the process provides clearly defined and anchored goals of immediate value to the organization.


Start by defining the business's growth targets. You look further ahead and lay a stable foundation for the continued goal work.


Optimize your offer so that it is a perfect fit for customers. Follow developments in the market and with competitors.


Reach out to the market and attract the customers who are right for you. Sharpen sales with goals that create success.


Develop effective working methods in your operations. Do the right things in the right order, so that the result is the best for you and the customers.


Strengthen commitment and ensure a successful culture with employees. See which skills and abilities are important to you.


Secure your financial conditions for growth. The financial gain of achieving the goals becomes clear.

Why change what works?

Make your current goals better

Already set your goals? Perfect! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just move your current goals into GoalEnvision easily where you can handle reporting and follow-up simply and in one place

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