Aug 21 2023

GoalEnvisions features

Learn more about the unique features and powerful tools in GoalEnvision.

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On this page you can learn more about GoalEnvision's unique features. If you want to know how to use the features of the tool, you can find instructions and guides in our Help Centre.

This is GoalEnvision

GoalEnvision is a powerful platform that helps companies define, communicate and monitor their strategic goals in an effective and engaging way. By breaking down strategic goals into smaller, measurable conditions, GoalEnvision provides a clear picture of how each department and individual contributes to the company's success. The platform offers real-time insights, clear reports and analyses, and the ability to adapt goals and strategies in a changing business environment. With GoalEnvision, companies can create a culture of engagement and accountability, where every employee feels part of driving the company forward. This leads to increased motivation, better decision-making and a stronger foundation for success and growth.



GoalEnvisions AI

AI Assistant

GoalEnvision's AI capabilities make it easy and efficient to identify and formulate inspiring and motivating goals, making it easier for users and companies to achieve their strategic goals. By using GoalEnvision's AI, users can receive suggestions for conditions that will help them reach their goals and create realistic tasks to fulfil those conditions. With just one click, users can navigate to a complete action plan and receive suggestions for concrete actions to address various challenges and areas of improvement.

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Success index

Success Index

The GoalEnvision Success Index is a powerful tool that helps organisations quickly identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This tool evaluates your organisation's performance in five critical areas: marketing, sales, operations, people and finance, and guides you through the process of building an action plan based on your assessment results.

With the "IMPROVE" button, you can easily select an area to improve and immediately receive suggestions for specific goals and concrete ways to tackle the challenge. GoalEnvision not only suggests further actions but also offers ongoing reports and recommendations to ensure that important tasks are not overlooked or neglected.

The success index is particularly useful for managers and entrepreneurs who want to keep up to date with the latest research and methods for developing the company. The tool helps you identify areas for improvement and develop a plan to address them.



Goal Follow-ups

Report page

GoalEnvision is designed for strategic goal setting and execution to help users keep track of and achieve their goals. The platform places goals into five success perspectives for a holistic view of how goals impact the business. Users can define metrics for their goals, assign responsible people and conditions to achieve them. GoalEnvision has a traffic light feature that quickly shows if conditions are on track or if improvements are needed. The platform connects to Google Workspace, Office 365, Slack and Trello, centralising all the information needed to achieve goals. With its ease of use and integration capabilities, GoalEnvision is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to achieve their goals.



Magic diagrams

Magic chart

GoalEnvision's Magic Chart is a powerful tool that quickly shows whether goal tracking is on track. By converting all results into percentages, users can easily compare and understand multiple goals simultaneously. The chart shows whether results are better or worse than planned, and helps users identify patterns and correlations between the development of different objectives. All goals' results are displayed in the same chart, normalised to a scale from 1 to 100 as a percentage of the ambition level, facilitating comparisons between goals with different scales. In addition, GoalEnvision offers smart filtering, allowing users to focus on the most important goals and quickly make decisions based on that information.



Surveys and template library

Survey templates

GoalEnvision offers the ability to create and conduct surveys to measure goals and determine the status of conditions. By collecting data from surveys, users can gain insight into customer opinions, employee motivation and any obstacles in the organisation. GoalEnvision makes it easy to create surveys, either from scratch or by using existing templates. Users can link surveys to specific goals or conditions, decide how often they should be conducted and which units and employees should participate. The results are presented in graphs, and those responsible for the goal can comment on the results and suggest improvements. With GoalEnvision, users can make informed decisions, build strong strategies and achieve outstanding results.