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Feb 5 2024, 9 min to read

Interview with Gustav Dafnäs, CEO of Perific Technologies on the GoalEnvision strategy tool.

Gustav Dafnäs, Perific Technologies

-Leadership is not just a matter of leading people in everyday life. It is also about setting up principles and systems that everyone can and wants to follow. In this conversation, we meet Gustav Dafnäs, CEO of Perific Technologies. He is an inspiring leader whose journey gives us an insight into what leadership is really about. In this article, we will explore Gustav's leadership philosophy and the concrete ways he puts it into practice.

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Gustav Dafnäs is the CEO of Perific Technologies, the company redefining how we consume electricity. Founded in 2007, Perific has been dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technology with a clear mission: to shape the future of energy consumption.

Perific's flagship products, Enegic Monitor and Enegic Monitor One, not only prevent overloading and ensure stability in electricity tariffs, but also help property owners away from unnecessary electricity consumption during high price periods. These innovative solutions go beyond the idea of efficiency and take a significant step towards a more cost-effective and sustainable energy future.

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The company is growing rapidly and has taken several significant steps in developing both the business and the organisation. In the last year alone, they have increased from 8 to 25 employees. In the run-up to the growth period, Gustav had to actively seek, test and decide on a solution that not only kept the company on track during the growth, but also enabled proactive measures.

Perific development team

Do you see your approach in seeking what you need as a CEO and leader as something proactive and distinctive?

-While not entirely unique, ambition is key to taking on new challenges. When you run an innovative company like ours, it's important to stay alert and to always be open to continuous learning. This made me realise that we need an intelligent and easy-to-use management system that meets the needs of the board, management and the whole organisation.

-You know, there is always a need to keep things in check. I also felt that we needed a tool to make it easier to manage different things. I fell in love with GoalEnvision because it's versatile and gets the job done efficiently without making things too complicated.

Explore the GoalEnvision strategy tool today...


What specific characteristics or aspects of a management system do you consider essential to strengthen your leadership?

-Getting a snapshot of the business and having a tool that supports reporting and reminders is crucial. You can kick off with a few simple goals and continue to build on your strategy when the time is right. This is a requirement we have for the management system. 

-Especially for us, a leader in load balancing, being quick on your feet and dynamic is crucial. That's where GoalEnvision comes in. It's so flexible - easy to adjust goals and strategies, plus it lends a helping hand by providing the tools to shape your strategy.

-What makes it stand out is that the tool guides me in asking crucial questions like 'What is more important, A or B?' The beauty of GoalEnvision is that the platform is based on a methodology that places strategic goals in five perspectives. This approach simplifies the prioritisation process and forces you to ask a pretty basic question: "Is this important?"

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How do you ensure you stay on track with the organisation's goals, especially in the midst of business growth, adding new employees and implementing different processes?

-As a leader, it is always up to me to make sure that everything is in sync with our goals. However, there is a risk that goals get sidelined during busy periods. I'm pretty vigilant about not letting that happen because keeping that focus is critical to the development of the business - it can't be de-prioritised.

-This is where GoalEnvision becomes a significant advantage. It keeps me updated by sending reminders, collating valuable data and more. It is really encouraging to log into our organisation's account and see that the reports are there, and the team has been working diligently towards the goals we set. It gives me reassurance that the right things are happening, even when I'm busy with other responsibilities.

-And to be honest, I actually enjoy going in and checking out the overview. It provides a quick check to see if everything is on track or if something needs a closer look.


How important is it to you that a management system helps to improve team cohesion?

-The right tool can help your team come together, it becomes a 'game changer' for team dynamics. 

-Take our product Enegic Monitor, for example; we measure everything from solar production to power in charging boxes and electric cars at multiple points. Understanding the impact of our measurements and having the ability to influence them to reduce costs and energy consumption is our top priority. This goes in parallel with how we approach goal tracking within the company - what you measure becomes what you act on!

-I can't emphasise enough how reporting can be a bit of a headache. You know how it is; someone forgets to report, someone else does it differently every time, and it just gets messy. But with GoalEnvision's reporting system, it's always straightforward and simple.

-And also the features for creating and conducting different surveys! They help me to quickly get a sense of how the teams are doing. Understanding how projects are perceived or how satisfied customers are before the final report comes in is pure gold. Capturing the mood of an organisation, especially as early as possible, is crucial. This is where GoalEnvision is very helpful.

Perific Marketing Team

How has GoalEnvision affected your sense of control over the organisation?

-The timely reporting, together with comments and suggestions, is a great relief for me. It gives me confidence that we are not only setting targets but also actively moving towards them. This dual focus on describing and implementing our strategy is incredibly valuable.

-The GoalEnvision methodology has really helped me to identify which goals really matter to us. It also provides clarity on how these goals are linked together, preventing any sub-optimisations in the business. One valuable tip I want to share is to set goals in GoalEnvision as early as possible. 

-After all, GoalEnvision is a versatile tool that can be applied to different companies, not limited to specific industries. While some may find their industry unique, I'm sure that GoalEnvision is a perfect fit for their company as well.

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Do leaders really need a system like GoalEnvision to manage an organisation?

-Yes, I would say so. Leadership is not only a question of "leading people" in everyday life. It is also about setting up principles and systems that everyone can and wants to follow. Without such structures, leadership is affected by daily changes, which can lead to employees experiencing inconsistent decisions that they find difficult to understand. 

-A leader should not be a variable that employees must decipher on a daily basis; instead, documented principles and systems are needed. For a company to function effectively, it cannot rely solely on the CEO's personal decisions or their physical presence at every meeting. Documentation, systematisation and delegation are essential for sustainable business growth.

- The ambition, of course, is to be a good leader. And once you have that ambition, the next step is to find out what it actually looks like in your daily role. It's about going from wanting to lead to knowing how to do it effectively in your specific position.

Perific teamet har workshop

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of starting to use GoalEnvision? 

-First of all, you should ask yourself if you are ambitious, open and ready for new ways of working. Work with the GoalEnvision model - use it and understand it fully. Personally, I am not one to sit down and read manuals. I prefer hands-on learning - follow the guides, answer the questions in the GoalEnvision feeds. This has been my approach to the tool.

-If you are thinking about starting to use GoalEnvision, this is my advice:

See GoalEnvision as a method first and foremost; the tool applies the method. Use the method in a way that suits your style.

-A good starting point is to start with the owner's directive. Often it is the first key to shaping your company's strategy. Translating that directive into strategic goals in GoalEnvision might be your first step.

-In summary, it was a challenge to communicate and act on our goals, and to keep an eye on progress. GoalEnvision is my favourite for addressing this. As a CEO, trust is everything, and GoalEnvision is the place where our strategy becomes visible. It's a win-win - it helps both me and the team stay on track. It's not just about goals; it's about transparency and success, both for my leadership and our collective efforts as a team.



After this insightful conversation with Gustav Dafnäs, CEO of Perific Technologies, we have gained a deeper understanding of the critical role leadership plays in navigating the complexities of business growth and innovation.

We are proud that the integration of GoalEnvision into the organisation's strategies has not only ensured effective goal management but also fostered a culture of transparency and adaptability. We wish Perific Technologies continued success in its endeavours to redefine energy consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future.

To our readers; we invite you to explore the possibilities that GoalEnvision offers for your organisation. Whether you are an experienced leader or striving to improve your management skills, GoalEnvision offers an effective way to build your strategy, set and achieve your goals. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you at every step, to ensure a smooth experience in the tool. Welcome to GoalEnvision.

Explore the GoalEnvision strategy tool today...

As this article is published, Perific has just launched its latest innovative product Enegic Flow which load balances the power consumption of heat pumps. Read more about Flow here...

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