Jul 3 2023

Implementing LEAN in GoalEnvision: A guide to more efficient processes and improved productivity

LEAN is a proven methodology for improving efficiency and productivity in organisations. By focusing on eliminating waste and creating value for the customer, LEAN can help streamline processes and improve results. GoalEnvision, a strategic tool and SaaS service, can be an excellent platform for implementing LEAN principles in your organisation. Here is a step-by-step guide to do just that.

GoalEnvision Workflow

Step 1: Identify value-adding activities

The first step in implementing LEAN is to identify which activities create value for the customer. With GoalEnvision, you can create a clear vision and mission statement for your organisation, which will help you identify which activities are most valuable. Use GoalEnvision's AI to get direct suggestions based on your business area and the benefits of your offering to the customer.

Step 2: Map processes

The next step is to map your processes to identify where there is waste. With GoalEnvision, you can create a visual representation of your processes, making it easier to identify where there are unnecessary steps or bottlenecks. Use GoalEnvision's success perspective to clarify the order, prioritisation and logic of your processes.

Step 3: Eliminate waste

Once you have identified where waste exists, the next step is to eliminate it. With GoalEnvision, you can create strategic goals to improve your processes and eliminate waste. Use GoalEnvision's AI to help formulate these goals and identify the necessary conditions to achieve them.

Step 4: Standardise and improve

Once you've eliminated waste, it's time to standardise your processes and constantly strive for improvement. With GoalEnvision, you can create measurable goals to track your success and identify areas for further improvement. Use GoalEnvision's survey templates to collect feedback and data to inform your improvement efforts.

Step 5: Maintain and improve

The final step in the LEAN process is to maintain your improvements and constantly strive to get better. With GoalEnvision, you can easily follow up on your goals and adjust your strategy based on real-time data and feedback. Use GoalEnvision's Success Index to continuously measure and monitor the progress of your organisation.