Nov 1 2023

What does business planning mean?

Planning is an important and necessary process to achieve our goals and realise our visions. In this article, we will explore what planning really means and how our brain plays an important role in this complex and exciting process.

Vad innebär det att affärsplanera?


How does the brain help?

Our brain is our most powerful resource when it comes to planning. Here are some ways our brain supports us in this process:

1. Future orientation: our ability to think about the future and imagine different scenarios is unique to humans. This allows us to visualise goals and how we can achieve them.

2. Memory and learning: our brain stores experiences and information from the past, allowing us to learn from past mistakes and successes when planning for the future.

3. Decision-making: Making decisions is a central part of business planning. Our brain weighs different options and consequences to choose the best way forward.

4. Time awareness: The brain helps us understand time and timeframes, which is crucial for creating realistic plans and deadlines.

5. Flexibility: although the brain may be inclined to follow a predetermined pattern, it also has the ability to be flexible and adapt when circumstances change.

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 Hur planerar vår hjärna?

Phases of planning

Planning can be divided into several phases:



  1. Goal setting

Clearly define what you want to achieve and why it is important.

  1. Analysis and Research

Gather information, evaluate the current situation, identify resources and barriers.

  1. Strategy development

Create a strategy or plan to reach your goals, including identifying steps and resources.

  1. Time planning

Create a timeline or schedule to organize and structure your plan.

  1. Implementation

Carry out the steps and actions defined in the plan.

  1. Monitoring and evaluation

Monitor progress and results, make any adjustments if necessary.


Concluding thoughts

Business planning is a crucial skill that is developed and refined over time. Our brain plays a central role in this process by helping us to imagine, decide and act towards our goals. By understanding the planning process and taking advantage of our cognitive abilities, we can achieve great progress and shape our future according to our wishes. So, remember, plan wisely and let your brain be your best ally on the road to success.


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