Jan 22 2024

What is OGSM?

OGSM, an acronym for "Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures", is a strategic planning method used to help organisations define and achieve their long-term goals.

OGSM i GoalEnvision

The method is structured and contains four main components:

  • Objectives (Growth targets/Vision): These are the overall growth objectives that the organisation strives to achieve. It can also be the company's vision. 
  • Goals (Strategic goals): These are specific, measurable strategic objectives that need to be achieved to reach the overall growth objective. They are often quantitative and time-bound, making them easier to monitor.
  • Strategies: This specifies the conditions and methods that will be required to achieve the objectives. 
  • Measures: This deals with the specific activities that need to be undertaken to establish the conditions. 


The history of the OGSM

The OGSM approach has its roots in business management and strategic planning. Its origins can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s, when companies began to recognise the need for more structured approaches to managing their growth and development. The method has evolved and adapted over time and has been used by large multinationals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises all over the world.


OGSM in GoalEnvision

In GoalEnvision, a digital tool for strategic planning and goal monitoring, the OGSM methodology is a central part of the platform. GoalEnvision enables users to not only define their OGSM plans but also to effectively monitor and manage the implementation of these plans. Using GoalEnvision's user-friendly interface and interactive tools, users can:

  • Create and visualise OGSM plans: Users can define their growth objectives, set strategic goals, define the conditions (strategies) and specify activities in a clear and concise form.
  • Track progress: Through continuous monitoring and reporting, users can easily see how they are doing against their goals and take the necessary actions to stay on track.
  • Engage the team: GoalEnvision makes it easy for team members to collaborate and engage in the strategy, through clear communication and shared goals.
  • Adjust strategies: As conditions change, GoalEnvision provides the ability to adjust strategies and actions, ensuring the plan remains relevant and effective.

By integrating the OGSM methodology into your business, GoalEnvision gives you as a leader a powerful tool to not only create, but also actively manage and execute your strategic plans.

OGSM i GoalEnvisions översikt

Explore OGSM with GoalEnvision...

A complete example of an OGSM in GoalEnvision:

Objective / Growth target: 

20% market share in the SME segment in the coming year.

Measure: Market share in the segment (in per cent) and turnover from SMEs.

Strategic objective: 

We develop and offer customised IT solutions and consulting services that respond to the specific needs of SMEs. 


High presence on digital platforms and marketing focused on this segment.



  1.  Conduct a market survey to understand the exact needs of SMEs.
  2.  Adapt the range of services to offer solutions that are cost-effective and scalable for these businesses.
  3.  Increase investment in digital marketing and presence on industry-specific forums and social media.
  4.  Establish partnerships with organisations targeting SMEs to reach a broader customer base.