Dec 26 2023

What is the purpose of goal follow up? The 5 main reasons to monitor business goals.


1. Clarity and Direction

One of the primary purposes of monitoring objectives is to give the organisation a clear direction. By setting and tracking goals, everyone in the organisation can understand what is important and what needs to be prioritised. This creates a shared vision and helps the team to focus on the activities that actually drive success.

2. Measurability

Objectives that are not measured are rarely achieved. Monitoring objectives makes it possible to quantify progress and results, which in turn makes it easier to evaluate performance. By regularly measuring and analysing data, your organisation can quickly identify what is working and what needs to be improved.

3. Accountability

Monitoring targets creates a culture of accountability within the organisation. When there are clear objectives and regular follow-up, it is easier to hold individuals and teams accountable for their performance. This promotes a working environment where everyone strives to do their best to achieve common goals.

4. Resource optimisation

By monitoring objectives, an organisation can ensure that resources are used effectively. It becomes easier to allocate time, money and manpower to those projects and initiatives that have the greatest potential to contribute to the organisation's overall goals. This minimises waste and increases productivity.

5. Continuous Improvement

Finally, performance management enables a culture of continuous improvement. By regularly evaluating progress and results, it becomes possible to adjust strategies and tactics. This creates a learning organisation that constantly strives to be better.


Performance management is not just an administrative task; it is a strategic necessity. It provides clarity, enables measurability, creates accountability, optimises resources and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. By prioritising performance management, organisations can ensure that they are on the right path to long-term success.


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