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News and updates, Nov 21 2023, 2 min to read

News Search in goals and reports - Search part 2 Redesign of report pages, history and goal pages More clickable links Uncouple condition from goal Updated help texts and other improvements.

News and updates, Oct 18 2023, 2 min to read

New way to measure strategic goals: Condition Index Change the way to determine the status of the Condition Search Part 1: Search in articles and help texts

News and updates, Sep 4 2023, 2 min to read

News: See what engagements users have, get automatic reminders, updated magic charts on perspective pages, and more.

News and updates, Aug 4 2023, 3 min to read

In this update, we have redesigned the authorisation system. We have replaced the previous Super-Admin, Admin and User roles with more descriptive titles and clearer rules on what applies to each of these roles. Read more below. 

Leadership, Jun 15 2023, 4 min to read

The discussions surrounding the potential replacement of human jobs by artificial intelligence (AI) is at its peak right now. It´s time to shift gears and move towards a new phase of discussion. Well, at GoalEnvision, we've made our decision and it has led us to create an incredibly useful solution for businesses.

News and updates, May 29 2023, 2 min to read

News: Let AI suggest tasks Get help from AI in formulating Vision and Mission statement Several improvements and new features. Read more here!

News and updates, May 17 2023, 3 min to read

Here is the biggest update to GoalEnvision. GoalEnvision becomes first with AI-based strategy development Choose from lots of survey templates to measure your goals

Leadership, Methodology, DIY, Apr 24 2023, 5 min to read

The Success Index tool allows you to quickly identify your organisation's strengths and areas for improvement, saving you time in the long run. The GoalEnvision Success Index is a collaborative assessment that helps organisations evaluate their performance in five critical areas: marketing, sales, operations, people and finance.

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News and updates, Apr 13 2023, 6 min to read

Big news in the platform! Read more here. Redesigned organization page with tabs for easier access New faster and more flexible target flow News in the Success Index - suggestions for improvements Start new organization faster Other improvements and changes

News and updates, Mar 28 2023, 2 min to read

Thank you for your feedback. Here are some more news and adjustments in the platform.

News and updates, Mar 16 2023, 1 min to read

Here is the news in todays update. +Quick Facts info box +More readme-links Read on for more detailed information

Methodology, DIY, Feb 9 2023, 9 min to read

Having goals is important for a company or organisation to grow and succeed. But just having goals is not enough, it is important to regularly check on progress and make sure the organisation is on track to achieve those goals. Everyone in the company should be involved in the goals. This article will give you tips on how to make sure your goal follow up is effective and help you be a better manager.

Methodology, Smarter goals, Jan 19 2023, 5 min to read

GoalEnvision's five success perspectives recommend which goal areas have proven to be successful for many organizations. These goal areas are used by our AI to further define what the goal is about. We do not show the goal areas in the guides, but in this article we will explain more about each perspective and its goal areas. Use these goal areas as inspiration to create your own strategic goals.

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Jan 1 2023, 5 min to read

Connect GoalEnvision to Google and Azure Connecting to your Azure or Google Workspace allows you and other users in your Goalenvision organisation to add users from Azure or Google Workspace to your Goalenvision organisation instead of creating them manually.

Leadership, Dec 6 2022, 1 min to read

In all businesses there are behaviors and structures that affect the business's ability to achieve success. In GoalEnvision's success index, you let your colleagues rate the veracity of a number of statements that let you see which successful behaviors and structures you have.

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Methodology, DIY, Dec 1 2022, 7 min to read

This is the instructions for carrying out a workshop with the team where you together come up with a formulated vision. The workshop takes about 2 hours to complete. Before the workshop, participants should prepare well. 

Methodology, DIY, Dec 1 2022, 12 min to read

This is the instructions for carrying out a workshop with the team where you together come up with a formulated mission statement. The workshop takes 2-3 hours to complete. Before the workshop, participants should prepare well. 

Methodology, Smarter goals, Nov 11 2022, 12 min to read

When you have set your goals, it is time to take action. Plans must be made, who will do what and when? But wait a bit, it's easy to go wrong and the goals become just a wishful dream that doesn't really "take" everyday life. Those of you who have been there know what I mean. Setting goals is inspiring, trying to rally everyone around them and actually achieving them is difficult to say the least.

Methodology, Nov 1 2022, 11 min to read

Surely you yourself, at some point, have been part of the discussion when you suddenly realized that the concept whose meaning is obvious to you - does not match your colleague's definition of the same concept at all?

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Apr 5 2022, 7 min to read

Stefan Söderfjäll's new little film series about goals. Stefan Söderfjäll has a PhD in Psychology.

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Mar 25 2022, 2 min to read

GoalEnvision is a powerful tool for you who want to set goals together in the company.

Mar 24 2022, 3 min to read

Stefan Söderfjäll talks about what it takes to reach your goals.

Mar 23 2022, 3 min to read

We humans have a more developed ability to think in terms of future desirable states, than is the case with other living species and life forms.

Mar 22 2022, 2 min to read

We humans formulate goals consciously or unconsciously for most of our behavior.

Mar 21 2022, 5 min to read

There is not just one kind of goal. We can formulate goals on four different levels of abstraction.

Mar 20 2022, 2 min to read

When should the goal be achieved? What does it mean to evaluate goal fulfillment? Do you have to achieve your goals? Here, Stefan Söderfjäll answers questions about measurable goals.

Mar 18 2022, 2 min to read

Should goals be long-term or short-term? Do you need both short-term and long-term goals? Here, Stefan Söderfjäll answers questions about these different types of goals.

Mar 17 2022, 3 min to read

Should you have an individual or should you have common goals? What should one think about these types of goals? Here, questions about individual and common goals are answered.

Mar 17 2022, 3 min to read

What is the paradox that arises when talking about goal fulfillment? Why is goal fulfillment not the important thing? Questions about goal fulfillment are answered here.

Mar 16 2022, 3 min to read

How important is it to follow up on formulated goals? What is it really about? What does it provide for different types of opportunities? Questions about follow-up are answered here.

Mar 16 2022, 4 min to read

Are there any disadvantages or potential dangers when working with goals? What can the risks be for anything? What happens if you set too long-term goals? Here, questions about pitfalls in goal work are answered.

News and updates, Jan 1 2021, 4 min to read

This is GoalEnvision - A strategic solution for management Running a business is a challenge, and it's up to management to make sure the organization is moving in the right direction. To do that, you need to have clear goals and a strategic plan to reach them. This is where GoalEnvision comes into play.

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Are you an entrepreneur or leader with high ambitions? Do you want to unleash the full power of your organisation to exceed your business goals? Then GoalEnvision is definitely something for you! With our free demo, you get a personalised review of the platform. During 60 minutes we will guide you through our tool and give you an introduction to what GoalEnvision is - an innovative and smart way to set and reach your business goals.