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Oct 18 2023, 2 min to read

News in GoalEnvision 18 October 2023

New way to measure strategic goals: Condition Index Change the way to determine the status of the Condition Search Part 1: Search in articles and help texts

NEW! Measuring strategic goals with the Conditions Index

One of the requests from your users is to be able to measure a strategic goal by how many of its conditions are met. In this update, we are therefore launching this new third way to measure strategic goals. 

Here's how it works. Each condition is scored according to its status: 0 points for red, 5 points for yellow and 10 points for green. The maximum score is the number of conditions multiplied by 10. The total score of the goal is then converted into a percentage of the maximum score. If all conditions are green, the result is 100%.

When you set the level of ambition for a goal measured by the Condition index, you always do so in absolute terms, and not in relative terms (which is common when measuring with a metric or survey).


Change the way to determine the status of the condition

You can now freely change how the status of a condition is determined, either by Measure, Survey or Expert Review. If you change the method, previous criteria are deleted so that you can set up new ones based on the new method.


Search Part 1: Searching articles and help texts

We are now launching a search function in Goalenvision, so you can easily search for articles, guides, help texts, etc. This is the first part of two of our search engine. In an upcoming update, you can also search for what you want in your own strategy; names of goals or conditions, goal comments and reports, yes everything that someone has written or created in your strategy. Keep an eye out soon when we launch Search Part 2.


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