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Improvement of report pages, history and goal pages

The report, history and goal pages have been improved. Instead of having separate pages for each detail, we have now combined all the information on a single page. You can now find everything you need to know about targets, conditions, surveys, condition indices and measures in one place. To access the new and optimised history page, simply click on the History button. This makes it easier and faster for you to get the information you need, as you need fewer clicks.. 



Search content and reports - Search part 2

Some time ago we launched Search Part 1, where you can find articles, guides and help in GoalEnvision. We then promised a part 2 of the Search function and now it's here. You can search for everything in your strategy, goals, descriptions, conditions and reports, comments, everything! Who mentioned anything about our autumn campaign? Where and when did Anna report who we could talk to about our autumn campaign? 

More clickable links

Now you can click on names, goals and other items to go directly to the relevant page. In addition, we have reorganised the Edit pages to avoid you accidentally ending up there when you really want to look at the View pages. This way, you can easily explore and use GoalEnvision without worrying about getting lost. 


Decouple conditions from goals

You can now unlink a condition from a goal. This means that you can now remove a pcondition from a specific goal without deleting it completely. You can also unlink a condition from all goals, which means that it is no longer linked to any goal at all.

This can be useful if, for example, you want to keep a condition for future use, but don't want it to be linked to a goal at the moment.




Updated help texts and other improvements. 

After introducing several new features in GoalEnvision, we have now also added several new help texts and explanations of concepts, diagrams and other elements of the tool. 


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