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In this update, we have redesigned the authorisation system. We have replaced the previous Super-Admin, Admin and User roles with more descriptive titles and clearer rules on what applies to each of these roles. Read more below. 

News in GoalEnvision 4 August 2023

In this update, we have redesigned the authorisation system. We have replaced the previous Super-Admin, Admin and User roles with more descriptive titles and clearer rules on what applies to each of these roles. Read more below. 

In the update, we have also speeded up the response time, and fixed some minor things. 


About authorisations in GoalEnvision (updated 230804)

As a user of GoalEnvision you have one of 5 permissions. Actually, there are only 4 user permissions, because the 5th and lowest permission doesn't even have access to GoalEnvision - it is intended for you to be able to invite external people e.g. customers or others to send surveys to them. But more on that in a moment.

The 5 authorisation levels are: 

  1. Owner

  2. Board member

  3. Management team member

  4. Key employee

  5. External (no access)
    +Paying agent


Let's take a closer look at the 5 authorisations: 


The owner role has the highest level of authorisation in the system and has full access to all functions and actions. As the owner of the organisation, you have the ability to change the subscription, appoint the payment manager, edit organisation information and perform other administrative tasks.

As the owner, it is your responsibility to determine the direction and purpose of the organisation. You have the authority to create and modify the organisation's name, vision, mission statement, growth goals, About Us page, and payment manager for the GoalEnvision subscription. In addition, you have the exclusive right to launch the Success Index.

By holding the owner role, you have complete control over the organisation's settings.

Member of the Management Team

Management members include the CEO and other members of the company's management team. These individuals have the authority to create and modify strategic objectives, define the measurable criteria and conditions of the objectives, and create tasks and discussion forums based on the owner's vision, mission and growth objectives.

Management members play a central role in directing and managing the business. They work together to realise the company's vision and achieve its strategic objectives. By using the owner's policies and objectives as a basis, management members can develop and adapt strategies to meet the needs and challenges of the company.

By creating and modifying strategic objectives, management members can set the direction for the company's growth and success. By setting measurable criteria and conditions, they can also evaluate and monitor progress towards these goals.

Management team members can also create tasks and discussion threads to promote collaboration and communication within the management team. By sharing information and ideas, they can jointly make informed decisions and address challenges that arise in the organisation.

Key employee

As a key employee, you have access to all information in your organisation, but you are not allowed to change anything other than your own personal data. 

External (no access)

Users with external access have limited visibility in GoalEnvision. When an external user logs in, they will not be able to see any content. This permission level is intended for external parties only. The purpose of having this access level is to allow you to send surveys to external parties to measure the conditions and results. 

Paying agent

The role of Paymaster means that one person is responsible for the payment of GoalEnvision. The Paymaster can be anyone who is appointed to perform this task. It is important to note that the payment manager is a role that can be assigned to different people depending on needs and preferences. The Paymaster for GoalEnvision can be anyone designated to handle the payments for the service. 

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