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Sep 4 2023, 2 min to read

News in GoalEnvision 4 September 2023

News: See what engagements users have, get automatic reminders, updated magic charts on perspective pages, and more.

See which commitments users have

Go to the employee tab on the organisation page. Under each user, you will see a link to all the commitments that user has: Responsible for strategic goals or units, responding to surveys and much more. 


Automatic reminders

GoalEnvision automatically sends out a reminder email if days have passed without reporting. This applies to growth goals, strategic goals and expert judgements on conditions. 


Updated version of magic charts on the perspective pages

The magic charts on the perspective pages have been restructured to improve their usability. The ambition level is now displayed in the centre of the chart, with +100% at the top and -100% at the bottom. This change makes it easier to assess whether the result fulfils the ambition level. It also makes it easier to identify results that should be as low as possible, instead of having to think the other way round. 


Exporting data to Excel

Under Settings - Organisation Details there is a new button to export data from GoalEnvision to Excel. 

By clicking "Export" you will immediately get a .csv file. This file contains all of your organisation's static data, such as goals, measures, conditions and responsible parties. Perfect for creating your own presentations or analyses!

Note: The file does not include dynamic data, such as results, comments or survey responses.

Automatic scaling for charts showing absolute results

Now charts with absolute results are automatically scaled so that all results are visible. 


Searchable help centre

It is now possible to search for answers in the GoalEnvision help centre. You can access the help centre from the blue "bubble" at the bottom right of all pages. 



Bug fixes and minor changes

The breadcrumbs on the perspective pages sometimes showed the wrong perspective.
The "Start discussion" and "Create activity" buttons have been moved down to their own line to make them clearer for users. 
Charts with survey results visible immediately, even if the first survey has not yet been answered. Historical data, if recorded, is displayed. 
Document links (in comment fields) open in new tabs or windows.
The ambition level is now always visible to the person updating results and to the target manager on their reporting pages. 
Prerequisites are now clickable on the reporting pages, so that the reporter can easily navigate to the prerequisite to view comments and history. 


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