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Numerical values in surveys

We have introduced a new feature that allows you to include both statements and numerical values in your surveys. This allows you to collect data on quantitative variables and get a more detailed picture of respondents' activities and results. You can use the feature to ask questions such as number of customer visits or order values and easily collect and analyse data from your entire team. Navigate to the survey tool in GoalEnvision to use this feature and explore its potential to gain valuable insight into your surveys. 


Delete users

Now you can completely remove users from your organisation in GoalEnvision. Go to the Employees tab and click on the trash can to the right of each name. Users then lose all access to the current organisation. However, the user remains as a participant in any. Other organisations that they are part of. 
NOTE! Note, however, that you need to disconnect all possible objects here to the user you want to delete. 


New updated knowledge bank

Our knowledge bank of articles and workshop materials is growing all the time, and now we have given the articles 'tags' so you can find them more easily. 


Simulated organisation

For new users of GoalEnvision, we offer a pre-established organisation with goals and conditions. This allows you to immediately dive into the system and see how GoalEnvision works after some time of reporting and progress. If you want to test the simulated organisation, you can click on the GoalEnvision logo at the top left of the home page. There you will find a link to start your simulated organisation. 


Improved performance

In this update, we've sped up how the tool works on both mobile/tablet and desktop browsers. We hope you will notice better performance.


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