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We humans formulate goals consciously or unconsciously for most of our behavior.


We would either act very passively or completely confused if there was no idea where we wanted to go with our actions. But what will be the consequence if we do not consciously set goals and talk about goals in a business? The immediate consequences will, of course, be that it will be more difficult for us to cooperate. If we have different views on what we should try to achieve, it will form a basis for potential conflicts, sub-optimized performance and friction.

Working without goals has a negative effect on our motivation, our well-being and our workplace satisfaction, which will affect staff turnover, work performance and what actual results we do. It will have a negative impact on our efficiency, how we use our resources, materials and our machines in the worst way. When we have an idea of ​​what we want to achieve, it is easier for us to know how to use our own and common competence and the material resources available. We will simply use the resources in a more efficient way.

In summary, goals are what make us reduce the risk of ending up in conflicts, feel less comfortable at work, deliver poorer results and have a less efficient business.

About Stefan Söderfjäll

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Stefan Söderfjäll has studied our human behavior for over 20 years. Stefan wants to bring out research-based knowledge, above all about how we behave in working life. Stefan Söderfjäll is one of the owners of the Swedish digital tool for goal control, GoalEnvision. GoalEnvision is a powerful tool for you who want to set goals together in the company. GoalEnvision provides tips on successful goals and a simple methodology to get everyone to get the right things done.

About By Stefan Söderfjäll, author and PhD in psychology

Stefan Söderfjäll is a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and has spent more than 20 years bringing out research-based knowledge about how we behave, especially about how we behave in working life.

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