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News 16 mars 2023

Box with quick facts

A new quick facts box is visible to admins and superadmins. In the box, which is visible on the organization page under the Vision box, you have quick access to:

Number of invited users who have not yet accepted the invitation//Number of users who have accepted the invitation.

Reports that are ready for review / Reports that are missing.

Audits that are complete / Audits that are missing.

Surveys that have been completed / Surveys that have not yet been completed.


You can click on the headings in the quick facts box to go to the page with more details.


More Read more links

In several places around GoalEnvision, there are now links where you can read more and get inspiration about the current topic.

Minor changes/corrections


  • When you create a new goal or condition, you need to actively specify how you want to measure the goal.
  • You can add a new unit manager if one is missing, when specifying the unit manager for a target.
  • It is now possible to add one or more statements that you have already created to new surveys.
  • Minor adjustments and corrections.


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