Oct 23 2023

How to monitor goals? A guide to effective goal monitoring

Setting goals is only half the battle; the other half is following up on them. But how do you do it effectively? Here's a guide highlighting different methods and tools for monitoring objectives.


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1. Define Measurable goals

In order to monitor goals effectively, it is important that they are measurable. Use concrete numbers and timeframes to define what success means. For example, instead of saying "we will increase sales", say "we will increase sales by 20% in the next 6 months".

2. Use the Right Tools

There are many tools that can help you track goals, from simple spreadsheets to advanced project management software. Choose a tool that fits your organisation's needs and makes it easy to track progress over time.

3. Regular Monitoring

A common mistake is to set goals and then forget about them. To avoid this, you should have regular follow-up meetings. These can be weekly or monthly meetings where the team reviews each goal, discusses progress and identifies any obstacles.

4. Adjust and Customise

Sometimes circumstances may change, and it may be necessary to adjust the goals. Don't be afraid to do this. Use the follow-up meetings as a chance to reassess and adapt the goals so that they are still relevant and achievable.

5. Celebrate Successes and Learn from Failures

When a goal is achieved, take time to celebrate. This builds morale and motivation. If a goal is not achieved, see it as a learning opportunity. Analyse what went wrong and how you can improve the process for future goals.


Monitoring goals is a critical part of the goal management process. By defining measurable goals, using the right tools, having regular follow-up, being willing to adjust and learning from both successes and failures, you can increase the chances of achieving your goals. This leads not only to short-term gains, but also to long-term success for the whole organisation.


About GoalEnvision

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