Dec 12 2023

Management team

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As the backbone of the company, it is often in the management team that strategic decisions are made, visions are formed and the future of the organisation is shaped. This article explores the role of the management team, its composition, and ways of working to ensure success in a competitive world.

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What is a management team?

A management team is a collection of individuals with strategic roles in a company or organisation. This group is responsible for making key decisions that affect the entire organisation, from financial strategy to operational management. They act as a guide and decision-making body for the company's strategic direction and daily operations.

Who should lead the management team?

Typically, the management team is led by the company's president or CEO. This person has overall responsibility for steering the company's direction and ensuring that the organisation's objectives and strategies are in line with its vision and values. The leader acts as a link between the board and the management team, communicating the board's decisions and expectations, and ensuring that they are effectively implemented.

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Who should be in the management team?

According to GoalEnvision's five success perspectives model, the management team should include the following roles:

  1. Marketing and Sales: Responsible for understanding market needs and trends and leading sales strategies.
  2. Operations: Focuses on efficient processes and operations to ensure optimal use of resources.
  3. People: Represents the interests of staff and the working environment, important for promoting a positive corporate culture.
  4. Finance: Responsible for financial planning, budgeting and financial health.
  5. Strategy and Development: Focuses on long-term planning and business development.

This diverse representation ensures that all critical aspects of the company's operations are taken into account in decision-making.

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How should a management team work?

An effective management team should work cohesively with open communication and common goals. They should:

  • Have regular strategic discussions.
  • Establish and monitor clear goal and key figures.
  • Encourage collaboration and creative problem solving.
  • Have an open dialogue and transparent communication
  • Continuously evaluate and adapt strategies based on market changes and company performance.

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How often should the management team meet in a management meeting?

The frequency of management meetings varies depending on the size, nature and needs of the organisation. In general, monthly meetings are recommended to keep the team updated and focused on current issues and challenges. However, for organisations in fast-changing environments, more frequent meetings may be necessary to effectively manage rapid changes and decisions.


Getting an effective management team - conclusion

The management team is key to the strategic progress of any successful company. By assembling a diverse group that represents the five perspectives of success according to the GoalEnvision model, and by following effective working methods and holding regular meetings, a management team can effectively steer the organisation towards its goals and vision.


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