Dec 9 2023

Ready for leadership development? How to apply transformational leadership

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Transformative leaders are not only visionaries; they are also skilled at turning their vision into reality by engaging and motivating their teams. Leading in this dynamic and effective way requires more than just a strong will; it requires concrete strategies and methods.


In this article, we explore specific leadership development techniques and approaches that can help you practice transformational leadership. We will look at how to create a shared vision, use effective communication to inspire, build strong relationships with team members, and how to encourage innovation and creative problem solving. These action-oriented suggestions are designed to give you the tools to not only drive change, but also to create a culture of engagement, collaboration and continuous development within your organisation.

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Transformative leadership develops the organisation


Educate and train leaders: To implement transformational leadership, leaders need to have the right knowledge and tools. Educate and train them on transformational leadership principles and techniques so that they can apply them in their daily activities. By giving leaders the right tools and knowledge, you can ensure that they have the ability to inspire and lead their teams in a transformative way.

Create a clear vision and communication plan: Transformative leadership is based on a clear vision and communication. Make sure you have a clear vision for your organisation or team and communicate it convincingly to your employees. By communicating the vision convincingly, you can create a strong direction and engage employees in working towards common goals. 

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Promote participation and empowerment: Transformative leaders are known to promote participation and empowerment among their employees. Give employees authority and responsibility, and encourage them to be involved in decision-making. By empowering employees, you can create a culture where they feel valued and involved, which in turn can increase their engagement and motivation.

Offer support and development: Transformative leaders should offer support, coaching and training to employees. This helps them grow and develop, and shows that the leader is committed to their success. By offering support and development opportunities, you show that you care about your employees and their success, which can increase their trust in you as a leader.

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By following these steps, you can increase the chances of successfully implementing transformational leadership in your organisation or team. Remember, transformational leadership is about inspiring and engaging employees to achieve common goals. By educating and training your leaders, creating a clear vision and communication plan, promoting participation and empowerment, and offering support and development, you can create a culture where transformational leadership flourishes and leads to success.



Applying transformational leadership in Goalenvision

To concretise transformational leadership using GoalEnvision, we start by defining an inspiring and forward-looking vision within the tool. This vision serves as a guiding star for the entire organisation. Next, leaders can use GoalEnvision to break down the vision into manageable, strategic goals that are directly linked to the organisation's long-term success. Actively engaging employees in the process of setting these goals enhances their sense of ownership and responsibility. GoalEnvision also facilitates leadership development by continuously measuring and tracking progress towards these goals, which is critical to maintaining motivation and direction.


Furthermore, leaders can utilise GoalEnvision's features to create and monitor the necessary conditions to achieve each goal. This includes identifying and allocating resources, defining key activities and ensuring the right competencies are available in the team. By regularly communicating the progress and challenges in these areas, leaders build transparency and trust within the organisation.

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Finally, with GoalEnvision's platform, transformative leaders can effectively delegate responsibility and track individual and team contributions to the overall goals. This creates a culture of accountability and self-leadership among employees, which is central to transformational leadership. In this way, GoalEnvision becomes not just a tool for strategic planning, but an integral part of how transformational leadership is practiced and developed within the organisation.

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