May 27 2023


For trading companies

GoalEnvision - the ultimate strategy tool for trading companies

GoalEnvision's outside-in approach is particularly suitable for trading and distribution companies, where market understanding and sales are critical to success. With GoalEnvision, you can easily define your goals and measure progress in five perspectives of success: market, sales, operations, people and finance. 

By having clear goals and the conditions for achieving them, you can more easily identify areas that need improvement and take action to reach your goals. GoalEnvision also allows you to link discussions, tasks and documents to the strategic goals and their conditions, facilitating collaboration and increasing productivity.

Here are five areas where GoalEnvision is particularly useful for retail and distribution organisations:

  • Market understanding - with GoalEnvision's market perspective, you can easily identify your target audience and customise your offer to suit their needs and wants.
  • Sales - with GoalEnvision's sales perspective, you can optimise your marketing communication and sales to maximise your sales and increase your profitability.
  • Operations - with GoalEnvision's operations perspective, you can optimise your internal processes and production to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • People - with GoalEnvision's people perspective, you can develop and retain your staff, which is essential to drive your business forward.
  • Finance - with GoalEnvision's finance perspective, you can track your financial performance and ensure that you achieve your financial goals.

GoalEnvision is the ultimate tool for retail and distribution companies that want a clear strategy and goals to drive their business forward. With GoalEnvision you can easily define your goals and objectives, measure progress and link discussions, tasks and documents to the strategic goals and objectives.

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