Oct 26 2023

What are the different types of goals? An overview of learning, performance, result and effect goals.

Goals can be categorised in different ways depending on their purpose, scope and timeframe. In this article, we review four common types of goals: learning goals, performance goals, outcome goals and impact goals. We will also provide concrete examples to illustrate each type.

Olika typer av mål

1. Learning goals

Learning goals focus on acquiring new knowledge or skills. They are often useful in training contexts or when introducing a new process or technology.

Example: A company that has recently implemented a new CRM system may have a learning objective such as "All salespeople will be trained on the new CRM system within one month.".

2. Performance goals

Performance goals are focused on specific tasks and activities to be performed. They are often measurable and time-bound, and are used to evaluate individual or team performance.

Example: A customer service team may have a performance objective such as "Respond to 90% of customer enquiries within 24 hours."

3. Result goals

Result goals focus on the end result rather than the activities that lead to it. They are often linked to the organisation's overall goals and strategies.

Example: A company that wants to increase its market share may have a performance target such as "Increase market share from 20% to 25% within one year."

4. Effect goals

Effect goals are long-term and focus on broader changes, often at the societal level. They are usually more difficult to measure and require a longer timeframe.

Example: A non-profit organisation working on environmental issues may have an impact goal such as "Contribute to a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the region within the next 10 years".


Understanding the different types of goals can help you formulate more effective and meaningful objectives for your organisation or project. Learning goals focus on knowledge acquisition, performance goals on specific activities, outcome goals on final results, and impact goals on long-term changes. By choosing the right type of goal for the right situation, you can increase the chances of success and create a more focused and goal-oriented work environment.


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