Oct 26 2023

What characterises well formulated goals? Key factors for effective goal setting

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Setting goals is an important part of any successful strategic planning, but not all goals are created equal. What makes some objectives more effective than others? Here are some key factors that characterise well-designed objectives, with concrete examples to illustrate each point.

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1. Clarity

A well-articulated objective is clear and easy to understand. It leaves no room for interpretation and provides a clear direction for everyone involved.

Example: Instead of having a goal like "Improve morale", you could say "Increase employee satisfaction scores from 7 to 9 within six months."

2. Measurability

Measurability is often a critical component of effective objectives. It makes it possible to track progress and evaluate results.

Example: A goal like "Reduce customer complaints by 20% in the next three months" is measurable and can be easily tracked.

3. Relevance

A well-formulated target should be relevant to the organisation's overall strategy and long-term vision.

Example: If an organisation has an overall strategy to become a market leader in sustainability, a relevant target could be "Reduce carbon emissions by 30% within two years".

4. Achievability

The goal should be ambitious but at the same time realistic. An unrealistic goal can be demoralising and counterproductive.

Example: If you run a small shop, a goal of "Increase sales by 10% within three months" would be more achievable than "Become the market leader within a year."

5. Time constraints

An effective goal has a clear timeframe, which creates a sense of urgency and helps with planning.

Example: A company that wants to improve customer service might have a goal to "Answer 95% of customer questions within 24 hours, within the next two months."


Well-formulated objectives are characterised by clarity, measurability, relevance, achievability and timeliness. By considering these factors when formulating your objectives, you can increase the chances of success and make it easier to mobilise your team around a common vision. This in turn will contribute to a more focused and efficient work effort.


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